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Why Are Prescription Safety Glasses So Popular?

Before choosing your prescription safety glasses, you should take some time to understand the importance of OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.

Before choosing your prescription safety glasses, you should take some time to understand the importance of OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. Employers must comply with these standards when giving their workers safety eyewear. If you are working in an environment where there is a danger of eye injuries, then you need to wear safety glasses that are mandated by the law. In fact, as an employee working in dangerous environments, you will do well to have an extra pair that you can use in case of loss or damage to your main pair.

Dangerous Working Conditions
Every workplace and industry in the US that involves dangerous working conditions must provide employees with some type of protective eyewear. If you already wear prescription glasses, then you will need prescription safety glasses. There is no point in wearing ordinary safety eyewear on top of your prescription glasses because that would impede your vision and prevent you from discharging your duties in the right manner.

Eye Injuries Are Preventable
The US Department of Labor says that a huge number of eye injuries are caused at workplaces where workers fail to wear protective eyewear. They say that it is important to wear high-quality protective eyewear to minimize the risk of injuries to the eyes. Here is a look at why prescription safety eyeglasses are so popular in US workplaces.

Protect Your Eyes at the Workplace
At your workplace, you need to ensure that not only can you protect your eyes but your eyewear must also be comfortable. The right pair has to be comfortable to wear and it must protect your eyes and also improve your productivity. It must also allow you to focus on your work without being distracted or disturbed. When choosing your eyewear, you need to look at the basic features that will ensure a comfortable fit.

Padded Nose Bridge
The first thing to look for in your protective eyewear is the presence of padded nose bridges which will ensure a comfortable fit. Then, there are flexible temples and cushioned brows that will also help ensure a more comfortable fit. Also, you need to look for a pair that has lenses with an adjustable angle. This feature will also ensure that your protective eyewear is comfortable to wear.

Other than these features, you also need to look for anti-fogging which is vitally important when working in an environment where there is a lot of humidity present. If you are going to wear your safety eyewear with individual respirators, then the lenses can easily fog up and this is not good for you. You need to prevent fogging and this is best done when you choose a pair that has an integrated fog and particle shield.

Choose an Attractive and Stylish Pair
Besides comfort, you also need to choose prescription safety glasses that are attractive and stylish. The good news is you can choose colorful frames and lenses and then there is the wraparound frame that is a good option as well. Some people prefer eyewear with mirrored lenses.

Another important reason why prescription safety glasses are so popular is that they are very durable and scratch-resistant. Instead of opting for a pair with acrylic plastic lenses (not the most durable or scratch-resistant), go with a pair that is made from high-impact material. This type of lens material will not only protect your eyes against flying debris and particles but also it will allow you to be more productive.

As a worker, it is recommended that you wear a face shield so that your eyes are properly protected. When choosing a pair with a face shield, you should pick one that has polycarbonate lenses as these lenses can withstand high impacts better than other lens materials.

Prescription safety glasses are also very popular because they eliminate the need to wear more than one pair of eyewear. Not only that but they also are very effective in providing maximum protection to your eyes and they ensure clear and unobstructed vision. With growing awareness about the benefits of wearing prescription protective eyewear, more and more workers are opting for them. This not only improves their productivity and performance but it also keeps the risk of eye injuries to a bare minimum.

The bottom line is that wearing prescription safety glasses will not only keep you safe but also it will boost your performance. The good news is you can pick and choose from a wide variety and so, you can rest assured that it won’t be difficult to find a pair that suits your needs and budget.