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FAQs on Prescription Golf Sunglasses Canada

What Are the Best Sunglasses for Golf?

Remember that, like your skin, your eyes can be damaged by the sun, so look for sunglasses with 100 percent UV protection. Otherwise, select one with the features that matter most to you, such as shatterproof lenses. In the end, it boils down to which prescription golf sunglasses you are comfortable wearing because if they’re uncomfortable, you won’t wear them.

Which Lens Color Is Best for Golf?

It depends on the function that matters most to you. A violet lens helps the ball stand out against the green course, which enables better tracking. Brown increases the contrast between light and dark and enhances clarity. Yellow shades reduce contrast and glare, beneficial on hazy mornings, while gray lenses give you a truer color.

Are Polarized Sunglasses Better for Golf?

While they block harsh sunlight, some feel they do too good a job. Those who don’t like polarized sunglasses for golf say they prefer to see the glare on the grass, which helps them better read the greens for putting. Others prefer them for tracking and remove them to get the lay of the grass.

Can I Have Prescription Lenses in Sports Glasses?

Yes, you can have prescription lenses in all of our golf sunglasses, which gives you the best of both worlds, sun protection and vision correction. When you have narrowed your choice and are ready to order, select that option on the order screen and we’ll walk you through your order.

Should I Get Prescription Sports Sunglasses for My Child?

If your child plays outdoor sports, you should consider ordering prescription sports sunglasses. They protect against UV rays, offer impact resistance that safeguards eyes and can also enhance sight on the field of play. If your child wears glasses, prescription sunglasses make sense for all types of sports, including golf, soccer and baseball.

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